Tour Bus Crash Kills 15

10-9-04- Authorities say a tour bus flipped over on an Arkansas interstate today, killing at least 15 people, including the driver. Police say the bus was carrying 30 Chicago-area residents to a Mississippi casino. At least seven of those passengers have been hospitalized.

The tour was part of a family-run operation, and now the company
owner is mourning a family member. His brother was driving the bus.

There's still no word on the company owner's wife. A family spokesman says she organized the trip and was aboard the bus along
with the group of friends, retirees and teachers.

The cause of the accident is unknown. It happened just where
Interstate 55 makes a left turn into Memphis, Tennessee. Tracks in
the grass near the accident site seem to show the bus steered straight even as the road turned, leaving the highway and flipping as it hit a ditch.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash.