Players Arrested But Still Playing

10-11-04- Leonard's athletic director is defending two of his players who were arrested Friday night, only to bond out and play in the 2nd half of the team's game with Anna. One of those players scored the winning touchdown.

Collin County Sheriff's Deputies arrested the players, both 17, as they arrived in Anna for the game. School leaders called an attorney, who then bonded out both players. They returned to the game and were able to suit up and play. Leonard came back in the 2nd half to win the game, 21-14.

Both 17 year old players were taken to jail, but bonded out in time to play the second half of Leonard's Friday night game against Anna.

Leonard Athletic Director Gerald James says the incident stems from an altercation last week in Blue Ridge. The players are accused of badly beating up another teenager at a party. But school officials say they have conflicting information and believe others were involved, but not charged.

James says he will stand by his players until they are proven to be guilty. He says that's why the players were allowed to play Friday night.