Safe Family: Halloween safety

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Ghosts! Pumpkins! Trick or Treat? Halloween can be a very fun time in a kid's life. Heck, it's even fun for adults and everyone young at heart. But staying safe will make sure you definitely have a great time.

A few tips to follow before even leaving the house:
1) Make sure your child has a safe view if wearing a mask. Police say to cut the mask's eye holes more if they have trouble seeing from side to side. This is especially important when they try to cross the street!
2) Always stay with your child, even if it's back a little bit from the home they are trick or treating.
3) Costumes are fun, but they can be dangerous. Make sure the little ones don't get around open flames or candles. Many costumes are flammable!
4) If it's cold out, put a coat on the kids.
5) Check the neighborhood you'll be trick or treating ahead of time. It might not even be a bad idea to check sex offender registers in your area. For information on this, check out the National Alert Registry.

Having a safe Halloween will make happy lasting memories for you and your children. Make sure to check out the new line of safety lights, hands free trick or treat bags to keep them visible on dark streets and at gatherings.

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