Search for a Missing Mom

10-13-04 - A family is grieving over the death of a 15-year-old Ardmore boy last week, but they still haven’t been able to contact Brett Spells’ mother to tell her of his death.

Dorothy Scott left the area more than a year and a half ago, telling her parents she wanted to work out the problems in her life. Out of respect, they hadn’t tried to contact her since. But since Spells died on Friday from injuries he sustained in a pick-up truck accident, Dorothy’s parents have been frantically trying to reach her.

The FBI has put out a bulletin and credit card services are looking to see if she's charged anything in recent months. The family is hoping that someone will come forward with information about where she might be, so she won’t have to hear the news of Brett’s death from a stranger. If you can help, contact the Marshall County Sheriff's office at (580) 795-2221.