Texas Drivers Face Steeper Fines

drivers license

10-15-04 – Texas drivers are now facing steeper fines for traffic offenses. A new program launched by the Texas Department of Transportation forces violators to pay an extra surcharge, on top of previous fines.

Drivers who think they’ve left their traffic tickets behind may soon find an expensive surprise in their mailboxes. Over 200,000 Texans owe money to the Driver Responsibility Program.

If you’ve received three speeding tickets within three years, you will be charged an additional $100. If you received a DWI, you owe $1,000. Drivers who have caused serious accidents, driven without a valid license or insurance may also face surcharges.

A spokesperson for DPS says the program was started to help save lives and make violators pay for their mistakes.

One percent of the extra fines go to DPS; the rest will be used for road improvements and medical bills for accident victims.

Fines will be mailed to the driver’s last known address. If a fine is not paid within thirty days of the mailing date, the state will revoke the driver’s license.

DPS started mailing out the fines at the beginning of October, right now, Texas drivers owe the department over 67 million dollars.