Honey Grove teacher dies in car accident

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HONEY GROVE, Tex. -- The town of Honey Grove, Texas, is dealing with the tragic loss of a teacher. Melinda Horner, 54, died when her car hit a horse on the highway.

People in and around Honey Grove are coming together much like a family trying to come to terms with their loss.

For the Honey Grove Warriors, today was a different kind of battle. It was a battle of emotions, heartache and tragedy.

"She impacted so many young people. She loved it. I don't know of anyone who didn't love here. We’re gonna miss her terribly," Melinda’s brother-in-law, Pete Simmons, said.

Melinda Horner, a mother, grandmother, wife, and teacher was killed when the car she and her husband were traveling in collided with a horse on U.S. Highway 82.

“They did not see it. A horse ran in the road," Honey Grove ISD superintendent Jan Cummins said.

Melinda’s husband, David Horner survived the accident.

“We love her, miss her terribly, it hasn't set in. I don't know how this family is going to cope without her sweetness and contribution,” Simmons also said.

Honey Grove students sat on her doorstep and waited on the lawn all to pay their respects.

“Melinda was a teacher, many children's second mother, above all, she fulfilled her duty as a teacher,” friend and Honey Grove High School counselor Chris Weaver said.

Now a small town is now left to deal with a sudden, tragic loss.

Funeral services are set for Friday morning.

Classes in Honey Grove were dismissed Wednesday but are scheduled to be back in session Thursday with counselors on hand.

“Due to the tragic loss of one of our faculty family, all classes will be dismissed today. Counselors will be available at the Middle School and High School buildings for anyone who may need to talk. The students, faculty and staff of Honey Grove I.S.D. extend our sincerest condolences to the Horner family. You're in our hearts and our prayers are with you.”

-From Honey Grove ISD’s website, www.honeygroveisd.net

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