TAPS needs community help

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- The future of TAPS is still up in the air but officials say there's hope for the organization.

Director Freddy Leslie says taps is still dealing with a cash flow problem, but countless riders can get involved to help out.

Leslie points to city and county leaders and says supporters of the bus line can help urge them to increase funding. TAPS receives money from cities in six counties, and Leslie says those towns and other entities are the only ones who can make a difference in the deficit.

If you ride the bus, don't look for rider fees to go up because the director says that's not a main source of income.

TAPS relies on state and federal funding to reimburse what they spend to operate but they must have money before they can spend it.

Leslie says the non-profit organization has cut back drastically in the last few months.

Leslie adds TAPS has been in financial trouble before and hopes to get through this latest crisis.

Right now no cuts in service are planned, and no lay-offs are expected.

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