Ardmore apartment murder suspect linked to second death

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McCLAIN COUNTY, Okla.-- Last week, Darrell Madden reportedly killed Bradley Qualls at the Huntington Falls Apartments in Ardmore. Authorities say Madden was wanted in connection with another death in McClain County.

Court documents show say a search of Madden's McClain County residence turned up a notebook labeled "Hitler Letter," duct tape, and burnt wires.

Oklahoma City Police say they have turned those findings over to the McClain County District Attorney.

Back on Thursday we learned that Ardmore Police were assisting the Oklahoma City Police Department in a case that involved both 37-year-old Darrell Madden and 26-year-old Bradley Qualls. Sources close to the Oklahoma City investigation say think they know a motive behind Qualls' death.

Sources close to a homicide investigation in McClain County believe both Madden and Qualls are suspects in the death of 62-year-old Steven Domer.

Authorities say Domer had been missing since October 26th, and a hunter found Domer’s body in a field last Sunday.

Sources close to investigators working the McClain County killing say they think Madden shot Qualls in Ardmore because he was a witness to the Domer murder.

Despite what those sources are saying, authorities aren’t naming any suspects.

"The family contacted us and said he was missing. That’s out of character, throw in the equation a car burned…it’s a high indicator something has happened to this person," Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Gary Knight said.

On Friday, the Carter County District Attorney’s Office filed formal murder charges against Madden.

From last week
ARDMORE, Okla. -- There is new information on Wednesday night’s fatal shooting in Ardmore on. Police say the two men involved were part of a radical organization.

Police say 37-year-old Darrell Madden shot and killed 26-year-old Bradley Qualls during an argument Wednesday night. One woman we spoke with says both men were at her apartment before the shooting happened.

"Brad was kind of tweaking…you could tell he was on something. The other guy was saying, “You need to calm down,” the woman said.

Police still do not know what the two men were arguing about but the woman said the men were arguing until Madden had enough.

"I watched them walk over. There they were arguing the whole way. Two minutes later he was shot."

Authorities confirmed rumors the two men belonged to a radical hate group.

"They are both professed members of the Aryan Brotherhood/Aryan Nation, professed to be Skinheads."

Moments after the shooting police say Madden tried carjacking motorists near this skating rink. That’s when officers took him down.

"Officers fired one round that struck him in the arm. The suspect underwent surgery and is now in custody of the police department."

Madden is still recovering from his wound Thursday night.

Original story
ARDMORE, OK -- One person is dead after a shooting at an apartment complex in Ardmore Wednesday night. Police say the suspect shot and killed another man just after 5:30 pm at the Huntington Falls apartment complex off of Sam Noble Parkway.

They say the suspect then ran from authorities and tried to carjack motorists near Skate Land skating ring on North Commerce as he attempted to get away. Police say they are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting, and are investigating the attempted carjacking that followed...

"Officers arrived in the area suspect was still attempting pointing guns at cars officers shot and wounded the suspect," said Lt. Eric Hamblin, with the Ardmore police department.

The suspect was taken to the hospital and is undergoing surgery. His condition was not available Wednesday night.

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