Safe Family: Cold medicine recall and your kids

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With all the recalls going on lately, it's enough to make your head spin! You ask, "Which toys are safe?" Now, with the latest recall on infant cold medicine, you are probably asking yourself, "What do I give my children when they're sick?" gives a great outline of which products you should be concerned about:

McNeil Consumer Health, the makers of Tylenol and Pediacare is voluntarily recalling their infant cough and cold products. This follows a recent statement from the FDA about children's cold medicines that "questions have been raised about the safety of these products and whether the benefits justify any potential risks from the use of these products in children, especially in children under 2 years of age."

Included in the recall are:

Concentrated TYLENOL Infants' Drops Plus Cold
Concentrated TYLENOL Infants' Drops Plus Cold & Cough
PediaCare Infant Dropper Decongestant
PediaCare Infant Dropper Long-Acting Cough
PediaCare Infant Drops Decongestant (containing pseudoephedrine)
PediaCare Infant Dropper Decongestant & Cough
PediaCare Infant Drops Decongestant & Cough (containing pseudoephedrine)

Pharmacists say there are probably going to be more recalls in the future. The best thing to do is just take your infants to the doctor in order to know exactly how to treat them. With older children, you might just scale down their dosage of the children's cold medicine. But to be sure, seek a healthcare professional's advice.