Grayson Co. Airport could change name

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- The Grayson County Airport could soon go through an identity change that includes a new logo and a new name, but first county leaders have to approve the changes.

For years pilots flying over North Texas knew they could stop by the Grayson County Airport for anything they needed.

That’s still the case, only now their destination might be known as the North Texas Regional Airport at Perrin Field.

The Grayson County Airport Board approved a new name and logo on Thursday morning. Board members will recommend the changes at the next county commissioners’ court meeting.

The new name was actually approved by a citizen’s advisory group earlier this year. The logo was voted on as well and was one of two finalists.

Officials say the new name and logo will help a growing airport market themselves to the nation as a regional facility and not just as one that serves one specific county.

Another element taken into account was the airport’s location, the Old Perrin Field, which officials say is a key part to bringing more traffic to Grayson County.

Grayson County commissioners are expected to review the new name and logo proposals on November 19th.

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