New Details in Officer Shooting

10-21-04 - Police have released new details in an officer shooting and standoff in downtown Sherman. Sherman police say the parents of Charles Anthony Owen warned him that officers were coming to arrest him. Moments later, Owen fired a shotgun from his 3rd story apartment and hit Frisco detective Leah Apple in the hip and abdomen.

Apple underwent surgery at Wilson N. Jones Medical Center. On Wednesday, she was transferred to Parkland in Dallas, where she is in critical but stable condition.

Frisco officers released new information on Wednesday about Owen and his involvement in the murder of Tamara Jobes, whose body was found stabbed to death in Frisco on Sunday. Officers say a journal written by Owen proves that he killed her with a sword. Owen's writings claimed the killing was part of a pact.

Investigators say Owens apparently stabbed Jobes in a type of assisted suicide. Frisco Police Chief Todd Renshaw says physical evidence also points to assisted suicide in the high-school student's death.

Frisco detectives tried to find Owen at his parents' home in Sherman on Tuesday. But as officers went to his apartment later, his parents were already there. They knocked on his door and told him police were coming to arrest him. That's when Owen told them he had killed Jobes, and he wasn't coming out alive.

Sherman officers, along with federal and state authorities, worked with hostage negotiators to bring Owen out. But they had little success, and finally stormed the building around 8:15pm. They fired several canisters of tear gas, but when they reached the room, Owen was already dead. Police say he shot himself once in the head.

Leah Apple has been with the Frisco Police Department since March of 2002. Detective Apple began her career as a police officer and was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division about 6 months ago.

Detective Apple is not married and has no children.