Truck Driver Facing Manslaughter Charges

12-1-04 - A Grayson County grand jury indicted a truck driver on Wednesday on 9 counts of manslaughter. Miroslaw Jozwiak is accused of causing the accident that killed 10 people in September on US 75 in Sherman.

The charges were upgraded from criminally negligent homicide this week after a preliminary toxicology report showed Jozwiak did have at least one prescription medication in his system at the time of the crash.

In an exclusive interview with KXII, the attorney for two of the families who lost loved ones in the wreck says he is pleased with the prosecution’s efforts. Travis Clardy said, “I couldn't be more proud of how they've handled this and they're committed to seeing this through and committed to seeing that justice is done. The prosecution team has our full support in everything they're doing."

Ten people were killed in the crash on September 20th when Jozwiak’s semi-truck and trailer crossed the median in south Sherman and ran over a pick-up and an SUV. The Martin family of McKinney was riding in the SUV.

As far as the 9 instead of 10 - prosecutors explain they are waiting to present one case to the grand jury so they can gather more evidence. A trial date will be set sometime in the next few months.