Calera kids camp out for homelessness awareness

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CALERA, Okla. -- Fifteen members of the student council at Calera High School showed their thanks in a unique way on Monday. Until Wednesday at five o'clock, the students will stay outside and sleep in boxes without any conveniences.

It's part of their 'Count Your Blessings' campaign to raise awareness about homelessness and show people how they can help.

“It's an opportunity to let people know, ‘Hey, we really have it well going into thanksgiving, there's so much to be thankful for,’ and also there's several folks that could use some help and there's some ways we can help them,” teacher John Coley says.

The students packed only the essentials, like a toothbrush or deoderant, but can't even take a shower until Wednesday. They can only eat in the school cafeteria for breakfast or lunch.

"I'm going to attempt to do my homework and I'll probably have my stomach rumbling," says Chloe Stringfellow, a junior at Calera high school.

The students made posters and placed them in and outside the school. They detail statistics on poverty, and ways to combat the issue. Oklahoma is the third poorest state in the nation.

"If you're not going to use it, someone is going to need it so donate it or keep it some place so you can give it away," says Vy Nguyen, a foreign exchange student from Vietnam and junior at the school.

After finishing the campaign Wednesday afternoon, the students will donate the $250 they raised to the Salvation Army.

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