Former Colbert Officer, City Sued

10-22-04 - The man who was assaulted by a Colbert police officer during an arrest last year has filed a federal lawsuit against the officer, the city and its board of trustees.

The arrest was caught on tape in July of 2003 inside a Denison convenience store. Officer Richard Wyrick had pursued 68-year-old James Murray across state lines and into the store. He is seen in tape spinning the man around and punching him in the face. Murray fell and broke his hip.

Wyrick was fired a few days later, and this summer was convicted in federal court of using excessive force. He has yet to be sentenced.

Murray’s attorney hasn’t given an amount for damages in the lawsuit. But he claims the city had prior warnings about Wyrick, and should have acted sooner. The Colbert mayor says the city has no comment until they receive a copy of the suit.