Mystery Solved in Deadly Crash

10-27-04 - One day after First News aired a 911 tape, Oklahoma troopers say they've cleared up the mystery behind a double-fatal accident in Achille on Sunday morning.

Investigators were trying to determine what happened in the moments before the crash as well as the identity of a female who called 911 to report the accident.

On Wednesday, three people came forward to tell what really happened the night that 19-year-old Justin Davis 20-year-old Ashley Simmons were killed. A group of 5 underage friends paid an unknown man in Yuba, Oklahoma to buy them beer. The group returned to Achille where some of them began to drink.

Early in the morning, Davis and Simmons sped off in a Chevy Chevelle and one of his friends tried to catch up in another vehicle, concerned about Davis' safety. Moments later, the car crashed into a tree.

The friend rushed back to the home where another friend called 911.

Troopers say charges will not be filed on anyone in the group. If you have information on who bought them beer, contact the OHP at 580-924-2601.