Turning trees to compost in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Ardmore Public Works officials are doing some interesting things with yard clippings and tree limbs. They are turning what residents are throwing away into compost.

Before that could happen, EPA officials had to make sure the process is safe.

The whole idea started a year ago and the approval process with the EPA took six months. Now Ardmore Public Works has the green light to turn what would normally go to the landfill into something useful.

What’s left over from when you mow the yard, trim the hedges and remove tree limbs is being turned to compost in Ardmore. It’s all part of the city’s ‘Beneficial Reuse’ program.

"These are materials that were probably going to the landfill, not being re-used, so we’re not taking materials being disposed of using it putting it back into public use," Shawn Geurin with Ardmore Public Works

Public works officials started the program a year ago, but a plan to use solids from wastewater had to have federal approval. They combine that with the ground up tree limbs to use as compost

At Ardmore’s compost facility, those solids are combined with the tree limbs. Then the mixture is cooked between 115 to 130 degrees, and the end result is compost that the city says is safe and beneficial.

Ardmore produces around 2,000 pounds of compost every month.

It only costs $10 for a cubic yard- which is enough to fill a truck bed.

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