Robbers Pose as Utility Workers

12-8-04 – Police are searching for two robbers, posing as utility workers, to gain access to homes. An elderly couple in Madill fell victim to the scam Tuesday afternoon. Jake Higgins says two men told him they were going to help lower his electric bill. The suspects told the victims they needed to go inside to measure and take pictures.

Higgins told authorities he felt uneasy and hid his wallet. The men found it and took cash, his identification, social security and Medicaid cards.

No one was hurt, but police say they are concerned the men will try to take advantage of other residents.

Authorities believe the men tried the same scam on an elderly woman across the street. However, she did not let the imposters into her home.

Police say they are looking for two while males, last seen in a newer model, black Ford Mustang.