Bryan County Jail Official Fired

12-15-04 – The Bryan County Jail administrator is out of a job after a unanimous vote from members of the jail trust authority Tuesday night.

Two weeks ago, the jail administrator, Anna Brown, allowed inmates’ families to donate six TVs for the common room of the facility. Officials say she took the action without prior approval from the jail trust authority.

Board members say they feel Brown gave inmates too many privileges. Wednesday, the chairman for the jail trust authority confirmed Brown was released from her duties. Brian Ridgeway, the current assistant jail administrator, will serve in her place until a new administrator is hired.

Leaders also unanimously voted to take the TVs out of the jail Tuesday night, but the decision may only be temporary. They will look at the cost of having them professionally installed at a later date.

Jail officials were mostly concerned with the TVs being a safety issue installed as they were.

Brown argued TV helped keep order and allowed inmates a privilege to pass the time.