Winter Weather Worries: Your pets

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We all know that we need to prepare our homes and cars for winter, but don't forget your pets. Meteorologist Megan Krannig is here with the conclusion of Winter Weather Worries.

Both indoor and outdoor pets will experience some changes in the winter, and owners should be prepared to help make those changes.

Winter hasn't officially started, but the mercury is falling, and our furry little friends need a warm and dry place to go.

"A dog house prepared for them that is well insulated, typically have it elevated so it is not directly on the ground, also want to have some deep bedding material whether it's hay or cedar shaving, face the house towards a wall so that there isn't a wind coming into the house."

Besides keeping your pet warm and dry, you may also have to change their eating habits, veterinarian Dr. David Tidwell says.

"We will need to increase their food because their metabolic needs will increase some. Our large animals like cows and horses are even worse about that since they are obviously out in the elements all the time."

A good rule of thumb for outdoor pets is to increase their calorie intake by 25%, but for indoor pets, experts say it's best to cut their food back. Make sure to put out warm water several times a day to keep it from freezing.

Dr. Tidwell suggests grooming your pets. That will help to keep them insulated and healthy.

"When it is icy outside and we're putting salt and deicer agents on the salt, that can be harmful to the pet’s feet. If they get it on their feet it's a good idea to wipe their feet."

Pets in Texoma are not really used to the cold weather, Tidwell adds.

"It will be warm the week before, and then we'll have an acute drop in the temperatures, and that's when the animals are really in danger because their not acclimated to the cold temperatures."

Overall pets can get through the winter just fine if their owners are willing to put forth a little extra effort.