Wet or Dry at Issue in Sherman

12-15-04 - Sherman’s days of being a dry town when it comes to alcohol could soon be over. Supporters of a change in the city law have banded together to push a petition. If successful, voters could decide on two propositions by May.

Members of the Sherman Action Committee say the city has been losing dollars to other area towns for years – as citizens drive out of town to buy beer, wine and liquor. They’re hoping to get 2,800 signatures in the next 60 days. If that happens, voters would decide two questions in May – the 1st would allow the sale of beer and wine in Sherman stores. The 2nd would allow restaurants to sell mixed drinks without requiring club memberships.

Leaders of Sherman’s church community don’t agree with the idea. Pastor Mike Lawson of Sherman’s First Baptist Church says the change in the law would only bring trouble as alcohol becomes easier to access.

The Sherman Action Committee hired a firm that specializes in alcohol petitions to help gather signatures. That company conducted a phone survey earlier this year that showed 61% of citizens were in favor of calling an election.