Lockdown over at Tom Bean Elementary School

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TOM BEAN, Tex. -- It was a scary situation in Tom Bean on Thursday when schools were put on lockdown. School officials speak out about the incident.

Administrators sent a letter home to parents explaining their actions Thursday.

It was business as usual on Friday at Tom Bean ISD, a much different scene than Thursday.

"Tom Bean P.D. came to the elementary to ask us to go on lockdown because they received a report there was an individual on a bicycle with what appeared to be a gun," Tom Bean Elementary principal Eric Hough said.

So administrators locked down all three school campuses, securing classrooms to make sure everyone was safe.

β€œAt no time were any individuals in the building that were not supposed to be. One police did go in with me. We walked to make sure it was secure inside. And several other officers and sheriffs that came to the school area cleared the area and everything was fine from here. They allowed us to lift the lockdown and send students home."

Tom Bean Police say, luckily, the gun witnesses reported seeing was actually a pellet gun carried by two kids riding their bikes down Highway 11.

Principal Eric Hough says the take every threat seriously, and he is confident in his staff's ability to keep students safe.

"I knew the doors were locked. We were in; the kids were where they were supposed to be and the teachers taken the appropriate action."

The elementary school employees knew just what action to take.

"We had just had a lock down drill the day before, so it worked out very well."

Officials assure us no one was in any danger. Police say they did find the two kids responsible, and have spoken with them and their parents.

No charges will be filed.

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