Community Connections

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Local organizations are extending helping hands at the Gainesville Civic Center. The first annual Community Connections event was created to help people in Cooke County learn about local charitable organizations at their fingertips.

Angie Hare is the Executive Director of the Cooke County United Way. “Some people have an immediate need, so they can quickly find what's there. Then someone may have a need later on in life. If they come to an event like this and say , “Oh, I remember I stopped and talked to that agency.” It kind of gives them a quick capsule of what's available in Cooke County, which is a lot.””

More than sixty organizations were on hand. Participants say that it wasn't about getting information, it was more about meeting new people in their community. “You had everything from CASA, to friends of the family to the police department, the fireman dog was here, you know, so it was an event for the entire family and it's just a good way to network.”

Free health screenings were available. Some participants even signed up to volunteer. It's about learning your community and what they have to offer.