More than food at Thanksgiving

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DURANT, OK -- With Thanksgiving just four days away family and friends across the area will get together and celebrate in a variety of ways. One group started early Sunday night with a community Thanksgiving service.

It involved different church denominations across the city of Durant and it’s become a tradition. These ministers are conveying a message which the Durant Ministerial Alliance hopes is never lost, in what they call, one of the most important times of the year.

"It's a great time that we can unify and just come together and be thankful," says Tim Cox, pastor of Abundant Life Temple church in Durant.

Cox was one of many that gathered at the church to give thanks. Different pastors each conducted a part of the service, allowing those in attendance to become one big church family.

"We're building the kingdom of Jesus Christ, every one of us,” Cox says. “We have different churches, different beliefs, different doctrines, but we have one belief in Jesus and so we're very grateful that we get this chance to come together."

Church members embraced the uniqueness of the service, which included singing, laughter, and prayer. They say the service helps church members change the focus of thanksgiving from food to thankfulness for the positive things in their lives.

"This is the time when there's no stigma of monetary things coming into play, no gifts, you just get together and you can be thankful for everything you have, thankful that you have family," says Edie Howell, a worship leader.

The service allows everyone to get back to basics keeping those things that are most important in life always on their mind...and giving thanks for the things they have...

"I just think it's a great to get together with everyone in the community, people you don't get to see everyday and get together and worship," Howell says.

Ministers in Healdton also held a similar service, giving thanks.

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