What are you thankful for?

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SHERMAN, TX -- It’s the week of Thanksgiving, so we wanted to know what people are thankful for, and what some children would think is a negative one ten-year-old girl has turned into a positive.

Rachel Nelson has plenty of friends at school, but she's also got a big family.

"It makes me feel a little weird. I just wish I could have one home sometimes."

That’s because her parents divorced nine years ago and are now remarried.

"8 grandparents, 4 parents..."

It left Rachel stuck in the middle, but she soon figured out this was actually a big blessing in her life.

"I realize how lucky I am because I have two houses. Some people don't even have one."

Thousands of children are forced to deal with divorce. Many times, it takes its toll on them but it hasn't with Rachel.

Rachel’s mom, Susan, says she and Rachel’s dad sat down together to talk about how they could turn a bad situation into a good one.

"It’s not something that goes away. They’ll deal with it their whole life," Susan says.

They wanted Rachel to still feet loved, keep her grades up in school, and for her to know she could count on her parents for anything.

“We get along, we work it out. The schedule's made a year in advance so the kids can plan."

Rachel chose to look on the bright side of things, and because of that, she's thankful for the great friends she has at school, and the wonderful extended family she has at home.

"A lot of people love me and care about me."

Don’t miss Tuesday morning’s First News AM when we’ll continue our series on thankfulness with a group of little ones, Thankful Through the Eyes of Children.

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