Transport Danger - Escape Stopped

11-4-04 - A near escape at the Grayson County jail this week is bringing new attention to the results of overcrowding. Jailers were transporting 34-year-old Russell Noland Nelson from a Texarkana jail back to Grayson County for a hearing yesterday around 10:30 am.

But once they drove through the gates and parked, Nelson pulled down a female inmate using his handcuffs. He put a razor against her neck and demanded the keys to the bus. Within seconds, guards forced him to surrender.

Nelson, in jail on sexual assault charges, is one of 145 dangerous inmates housed in other county jails due to overcrowding. The sheriff says its another example of the dangers of shipping prisoners in and out of the jail on a daily basis.

A jail consultant will be in town on Monday to begin a four month study to determine the county’s needs for their current jail.

Nelson was already charged with aggravated sexual assault and aggravated sodomy. Now he will be charged with aggravated kidnapping. As for the female inmate, she suffered some minor cuts and bruises.