Denison wants to make students’ walk to school safer

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DENISON, Tex. -- City officials in Denison want to help make kids walk to and from school safer. Daniel Gotera explains how it looks like they'll be able to make it happen.

Many students attend Terrell Elementary in Denison, but getting to school has been a problem for some students because of a lack of sidewalks. Now Denison city leaders want to correct that problem with the help of a new grant.

The streets around Terrell Elementary are one the areas near three Denison campuses that city leaders say pose a danger for students who walk to school.

Now a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation will help the city fund a plan to make the areas around the schools safer including putting in sidewalks, bike trails, and school crossing signs.

Officials say the project is called the "Safe Routes to School Plan," and it was originally created by former city councilman Bill Malvern, who received complaints from parents about areas around each school.

Mayes Elementary and B. McDaniel Middle School are the other two campuses that might get an upgrade.

"The children that walk to school are walking in the streets, so we want to see and get some input on what the residents want to see for those areas," says Tom Speakman with the City of Denison.

City officials say the $10,000 grant is just to put a plan together. After that the city would have to reapply for another grant to get the money to pave new sidewalks.

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