Residents concerned over developer’s plans for Marshall Co. resort

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- Plans for a resort-style destination are being met with some concern. Several residents in a nearby gated community say they are worried about Pointe Vista developers buying up land near them.

Residents are hesitant about selling their land to Pointe Vista developers because they do not want to lose their homes and the peace of mind they say they had imagined when they decided to live in Oakridge.

The Oakridge Board of Directors says it is their job to make sure that the well-being of those living in the gated community is protected. They say they are concerned that maintenance and other fees associated with living at Oakridge do not go up to the point that residents are forced to sell their homes.

Directors and Pointe Vista officials held a meeting over the weekend about the developer's future plans to expand the Lake Texoma Lodge project into their community.

Pointe Vista officials say they have purchased more than 300 plots from previous owners.

Oakridge Board of Directors president Boyd Steele says he has dealt with developers for 40 years, and he wants to make sure residents don’t get the short end of the stick.

"Verbal agreements made with developers that seem to fall apart, go to the way side. All we want from them is a written assurance that is going to protect the people in here," Steele said.

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