Denison could see changes on Spur 503

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DENISON, Tex. -- Drivers in Denison could soon see changes to Spur 503. At Monday night's meeting, the Denison City Council will consider a funding agreement with TX-DOT to add connector lanes along Spur 503.

One of the lanes being considered would be along the exit ramp onto Texoma Parkway.

Officials say this would allow drivers easier access to Flower Drive without having to cut through the grass.

"Right now when they exit they have to make a left turn, and right now there’s not enough room to do that, and with this new project that will provide them an additional lane to make that left turn," TX-DOT assistant area engineer Noel Paramanantham says.

The other connector would extend the access road along Spur 503 and link it with Park Street on the south.

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