Soldier's Parents Christmas Wish

12-25-04- A Denison family's holiday spirits were lifted when they heard their son is part of a group of soldiers keeping their comrades' minds off the battlefield, by spreading the Christmas spirit.

His parents say Army Captain Sam Gregory is usually the life of the Christmas party at their Denison home, but this year, he is serving his country in Iraq. Capt. Gregory is part of a group of soldier called the "Hard Corps Chorale" and he spent this Christmas Day in Saddam Hussein's old palace, singing Christmas carols to his fellow soldiers. The group is made up of 30 members of the military.

The soldier's parents were even able to see their son singing on a special Army website. His mother says being able to listen to her son was a Christmas gift, but adds it will be a blessing to have him home.

Captain Gregory has been in Iraq since August and is scheduled to come home next March.