Sherman Recruits Tyson

11-11-04 - Sherman is once again taking steps to finally bring Tyson Foods to town, 4 years after IBP bought the old Oscar Mayer plant. Tyson later purchased IBP, and the building has sat empty. But this could be the city’s best chance yet.

On Monday, the city council will introduce a zoning ordinance, which would give the plant an enterprise zoning designation. The result would give Tyson incentives from the state including sales tax refunds, tax abatements and utility reductions.

The enterprise zone program helps development in distressed areas – which have high unemployment and substantial loss of businesses and jobs.

SEDCO and the city are also working on Project Dakota, which is aiming to bring a major industry to town that could provide more than 1,000 jobs. Neither SEDCO nor the city will comment if these two events are related.