Battling Meth - Ban Proposed In Texas

1-10-05 - (AP) A state senator has proposed a ban on the sale of a popular cold remedy to fight the manufacture of methamphetamine in Texas.

The Austin bureau of the Scripps Howard newspapers reports the
ban is one of four bills state Senator Craig Estes has filed to
fight the proliferation of meth labs.

One bill would ban the sale of Sudafed and other brands of drugs
containing mostly pseudoephedrine.

The popular decongestant has become a common ingredient in the
making of methamphetamine. Last year, Oklahoma sharply restricted
its sale -- a step short of the Wichita Falls Republican's proposed
outright ban.

Scripps Howard reports the bill would allow the sale of cold
remedies containing pseudoephedrine -- as long as it's compounded
with other ingredients in capsules and cough syrups.

Estes also has filed legislation to boost penalties for meth