Citation fines change in Dickson

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DICKSON, Okla. -- Earlier this week Dickson city officials approved a change to lower traffic fines, but they also increased fines for drug offenses within the city. Teddy Safo spoke with officials about the changes.

The changes come after a recent study done by the police department. We were told the study compared Dickson’s traffic and drug fines to other local municipalities in the Carter County area. Once the city council looked at the study several of the fines were amended.

It took the police department a few months to complete the study which concluded that Dickson’s traffic fines were much higher than other cities in the area but fines for drug charges were not on par.

For example, right now if you travel 15 miles over the speed limit on Highway 199, you would be fined $178. Once the changes go into effect, you would only pay $139, $39 dollars less for the same offense.

Dickson Police Department Sgt. Chris Miller says, "We dropped them down a little. We also found that our drug charges, our DUI charges, were way under what the average was for the area. Those did increase a little bit."

Starting on December 8th, drug charges such as possession of marijuana will go from $237 to $345 if convicted.

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