Sherman woman victim of dangerous prank

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- A Sherman woman is warning other drivers to be alert after she says she was the victim of a dangerous prank.

"At first I thought it was a bird. Then when I realized it was a rock, I thought there must be someone on the side of the street throwing rocks at random cars," victim Mary Chapman says.

A rock is what caused the damage to Mary’s car. She says someone threw the rock at her car when she made a wrong turn down Travis Street in Sherman on Tuesday night.

"Me and my friend missed our exit so we decided to take a new way home we've never taken before, and it was a bad idea."

Chapman will now need to install a new windshield, which will cost her $200. But she says she's lucky. If the rock had been bigger, the damage could have been much worse, and the prank could have been deadly.

"I was shaking," Mary says.

Police say although this kind of vandalism may not happen that often, drivers do need to be on the lookout, especially at night.

Sherman Police Lieutenant Bob Fair says this is not a joke. It's considered criminal mischief.

"This isn't a prank. It’s an intentional act of vandalism, and people need to be warned. It’s not acceptable."

There are serious consequences if someone is caught.

“Say the vehicle wrecks out, somebody else gets hurt, (the suspect would be) looking at reckless conduct. Injured or killed, looking at voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter charges being filed as well."

Chapman says she's thankful to be alive and has some advice for whoever damaged her car.

“You guys need to find something better to do with your time. It’s kind of lame."

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