Lights Out - Big Rig Accident Cripples Traffic

1-19-05 – Two semi-trucks collided in Durant early Wednesday, destroying the traffic light at a notoriously busy intersection. By 1:30pm, officers were working a 2nd accident at the same spot.

The 1st accident involved an 18-wheeler driving southbound on Highway 69. It collided with a westbound semi at the Choctaw Travel Plaza around 4:30 a.m. The collision knocked down the traffic light. Temporary stop signs were put in its place - stopping traffic on Choctaw Road.

But at 1:30pm, a minivan on that road pulled out in front on a southbound 18-wheeler. The van, with two women inside, was hit broadside and badly damaged. One victim was flown to Dallas. The semi driver wasn't seriously hurt.

In the 1st accident, the female driver of the westbound truck was ejected from the cab during the crash. She was taken to the hospital. Her exact condition is not known. Few details on the condition of the other driver have been released.

Several similar accidents at the same intersection occurred before the stop lights were installed, including one that killed Bryan County Sheriff Deputy Mike Pace.