Safe Family: Holiday decorating

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As the holidays approach, Oncor Electric is beefing up its campaign to help keep you safe with electricity, especially as you put those holiday lights on the house. Ryan Loyd has more in our Safe Family report.

“Lifetime of safety” is a continuing safety theme that Oncor Electric is sponsoring, and throughout the end of the year, its campaign will target keeping you safe as the holidays approach.

The goal is to help people keep the proper amount of plugs in the outlet, keep heaters away from drapes, and to make sure you check lights and wires as you decorate for the holidays.

Sherman Fire Chief Jeff Jones and his department stay busy throughout the year, but this time of year can be especially dangerous.

"When you get through with last year, and then you take them out again the next year, make sure lights are good. If you decorate your indoor tree, use indoor lights."

Our own Gardening Texoma guru, Jonathon Castro, says to pay attention when decorating the house and offers a few helpful hints.

"How do we divide power? Have enough power to supply the lights and use quality extension cords with a ground. You must have a ground. And use a Ziploc bag so that when your sprinklers go off, the power supply doesn't get wet."

Following these safety measures can reduce your risk for an accident or unfortunate incident and will keep your family safe this holiday season.

If you'd like more helpful tips on how to safely decorate your home for the holidays, check the link below.

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