City Clerk Under Investigation

1-19-05 - The Carter County District Attorney is investigating criminal allegations against the Dickson city clerk.

The Dickson police department claims Jackie Massey tampered with mail headed for the DPS office, in order to help her brother, who’d been arrested for drunk driving.

The incident happened in December – just a few days after the arrest. Officers say Massey took home a letter that should have been mailed to the Department of Public Safety. Inside the envelope - her brother's drivers license, an affidavit of the arrest and the suspension of his license.

Police claim she took the letter home with the intention of destroying it.

District Attorney Mitch Sperry is conducting the investigation. He says it could take several weeks due to the serious nature of the allegations.

Massey released a statement on Wednesday saying she didn't know what she was doing was illegal and the entire event is a big misunderstanding.