Ardmore High School girls’ suspensions upheld

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Some parents upset over the lengthy suspensions given to their kids by the Ardmore School District formally appealed the punishment Thursday night. It was a suspension for 45 days for some Ardmore students. On Thursday night, administrators upheld that punishment.

The school district handed down 45-day suspensions to several students who violated school conduct during a school event three weeks ago.

Parents admit their kids were consuming alcoholic beverages at a coach’s house but say the punishment is not fair.

Russell Hodrick has a daughter who plays on schools varsity basketball team. He says several members of the basketball team including his daughter were at a coach’s house.

While he does not condone his daughter’s actions, Hodrick says he believes that the suspension was too harsh because the incident did not happen on school grounds.

School officials investigated the situation and said the coach had immediately notified parents but Hodrick says he was not notified of the situation until two days later.

"She admitted to it. Some of the other girls did say they did not do it, and they were allowed to go back to class and rejoin the basketball team. It’s not my concern for her to play basketball. My concern is to get her back in school and continue her education," Hodrick says.

Hodrick and some of the other parents appealed their case to school administrators Thursday night.

He said Thursday night, he and the parents of two other teens appealed to the school board, which upheld the suspension, but reportedly said if the kids met the administration's criteria they could come back to school as early as this Monday.