Train derailment in Durant

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DURANT, Okla. -- Crews are cleaning up a train derailment in Durant on Friday afternoon. It happened about 5 o'clock Friday morning, shutting down some parts of the city including the 100 block of South First and the 100 block of Main Street.

Authorities received the initial call around 5 a.m. about a train derailment in Downtown Durant that ended up causing problems for both drivers and train officials.

When they arrived on the scene, they found a train on the Kiamichi Railroad had fallen off the tracks at East Main Street next to the ‘Bio Willie’ facility.

Durant Police shut down all roads around each railroad crossing while railroad crews worked on the problem. Crews quickly open up all the intersections and were able to get the train back on the track.

Officials say no one was hurt during the derailment but officials are pleased with the response to make sure no other problems occurred.

No one was hurt during the derailment, but there were some scary moments. Durant police reopened Highway 70 on Friday afternoon.

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