Plano Mom Faces Capital Murder Charge

12-3-04 - McKINNEY, Texas (AP) A North Texas grand jury returned a capital-murder indictment against a Plano woman who admits killing her baby by severing the girl's arms.

Dena Schlosser remains jailed after Thursday’s Collin County grand jury indictment. Defense attorney David Haynes says his client will be plead "not guilty."

Schlosser admitted to a 911 operator on Nov. 22 that she severed the arms of 10-month-old Margaret, who died shortly afterward in a hospital.

Schlosser, who was treated for postpartum depression during a Child Protective Services neglect investigation early this year, was found in her apartment, covered in blood, still holding a knife and listening to a church hymn.

A judge granted CPS temporary custody of the Schlossers' other girls, ages 6 and 9, after CPS determined their father failed to protect his children from their mother. CPS will ask a judge Friday to extend temporary custody indefinitely.