15 Hurt in Jet Crash

2-2-05 - TETERBORO, N.J. (AP) A plane crash in New Jersey has left at least 15 people hurt.

A corporate jet was trying to take off from Teterboro Airport when it skidded off the runway, crossed a highway during rush hour and barreled into a warehouse.

TV footage showed heavy smoke as fire crews sprayed foam on the twin-engine plane.

The plane hit at least one car when it hurtled across Route 46, which was then closed in both directions at the heart of morning rush hour.

A witness said the pilot crawled out of the wreckage and told him the crew lost control of the plane.

Teterboro is about a dozen miles from midtown Manhattan and is a popular small airport for business and celebrity travelers trying to avoid downtown.

Federal aviation officials say the jet's registered to Four-Four-Eight Alliance of Dallas, which shares the same address as DDH Aviation.

DDH president Dennis Debo declined immediate comment.