Two Day Chase Now Manhunt

2-2-05 – What started as a public intoxication incident is now a two county manhunt. Police say 18-year-old Clay Price has been on the run since early Tuesday morning when Wolfe City police tried to arrest Price for public intoxication.

As an officer attempted to cuff the man, he got away and has been on the run since. A Wolfe City officer sustained minor injuries as he scaled a fence in pursuit of Price.

Bonham Police had a lead on Price at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning when he and a friend allegedly drove from the Kwik Chek at Silo Road and Highway 121 without paying for gas.

He led authorities on a short chase, but wrecked the vehicle he was driving at the intersection of Highways 87 and 56. One passenger, the owner of the vehicle, is in custody and could face charges of theft and fleeing police.

Price took off on foot; then stole a 4-wheeler. Later, he abandoned the ATV and stole a red jeep.

Authorities are using search dogs to track the man, but he is still at large.

Price has a history avoiding the law. The teen was arrested last summer for leading police on a pursuit.