Pointe Vista update

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- The Oklahoma State Land Commission is set to close on a deal with Pointe Vista developers involving two golf courses in Marshall County.

There is concern the golf courses will close down. After speaking with both state officials and Pointe Vista developers, ownership of the two golf courses, Chickasaw Pointe and Texoma Golf Course, are set to be transferred over to the developers no later than by the end of the year.

Concern about the future operations of the golf courses has come into question. After speaking with Pointe Vista officials, we were told until a firm date has been set on the transfer of both Chickasaw Pointe and Texoma Golf Course that no official decisions will be made on the continual operations of both facilities.

Officals from the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce say the lodge and the cabins at Texoma State Park have been closed the last four months.

If the golf facilities were to close, it should be during the winter months when there are not as many visitors.

"We would prefer if they are going to close the golf courses down in that area it would be done during the winter months and not when weather is getting nicer," Jeff Hudson, Marshall County Chamber of Commerce executive director, says.

Pointe Vista officials say they expect the transfer of both Chickasaw Pointe and the Texoma Golf Course to happen by December 31 but no later than early January 2008.

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