Sherman leaders want tighter restrictions for businesses on major thoroughfares

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- Sherman's major thoroughfares may be getting an aesthetic update. Mystic Matthews has more on the city's plans.

Mayor Bill Magers says it will be up to city leaders to impose stricter standards for businesses that open up along major streets and highways. Examples include the type of landscaping, building materials, and even the way a business is lit at night.

If an updated overlay plan is approved by the city council, any new buildings in Sherman will be subject to the tighter restrictions.

City planners have identified three major areas known as thoroughfares: the FM 1417/Heritage Parkway district, the Highway 75/82 district, and the Sam Rayburn district.

Construction along FM 1417 is already subject to tougher restrictions, like the number of awnings a business can have and certain allowances for signage.

Now, council members want the other districts to have the same rules while planners look to make new business construction more pleasing to the eye.

"The direction today was to have stricter standards on 75/82 and Sam Rayburn Freeway to have better buildings and more eye-appealing to the public," Scott Shadden, director of developmental services, said.

Could those requirements put a damper on the development boom?

“You want to make sure you address all types of business, but being said, there's more appropriate locations for certain styles of businesses. What we discussed today is to hit our thoroughfares and gateways. So yes, by raising our standards we're going to encourage certain businesses who can meet those standards,” Sherman mayor Bill Magers says.

Those standards, Magers says, will encourage businesses that care about appearance as well as revenue.

“It will just be a higher quality of construction along our thoroughfares, which our citizens are going to want to see."

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