Cell phones for soldiers

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Two teens started the Cell Phones for Soldiers program when they learned that one soldier's phone bill climbed to a whopping $8,000 as he stayed in touch with his family. Robbie and Brittany Bergquist wanted a way for soldiers to be able to call home and stay in touch with thier loved ones at little or no cost.

What they thought would only be a statewide program, turned into a national and even international effort. People drop off their unwanted cell phones at any of AT&T's 1,800 locations throughout the U.S. The phones are sold, and then the money is turned into phone cards for the soldiers.

The brother-sister combo are surprised about how much their program has grown, and they are loving every minute of being able to help out such a worthy cause. Especially during the holiday season, they say it's really important for a soldier to be able to call home.

You can drop off your cell phones at the Sherman AT&T store, or many other AT&T locations throughout Texoma.

Call or stop by:

Suite 1A
301 E Us Highway 82, Sherman, TX 75092
(903) 870-2550

Customer service representatives in Sherman will be happy to pass along the store information of other places in Texoma where phones can be dropped off and donated.

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