Soldier Happy Meals

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MELISSA, Tex. -- For the third grade class at Melissa Ridge Elementary, the biggest challenge in life seems so small compared to kids half way around the world. Kids we often forget about; the youngest victims of war and poverty.

Lt. Colonel Eric Furey with the United States Army was stationed in Kosovo for the last year. “The country is equivalent to where this country was during the depression. It is a third world country.” His troops work to bring peace to a country divided. With the help of these students, the gift of giving comes at the price of a happy meal.

"A lot of soldiers get thanked, but I think we need to thank people that are doing the thanks. If nothing else, they continue to do it," Lt. Colonel Eric Furey said.

Roxanne Gross is a teacher at Melissa Ridge Elementary. She explains that the idea came about a year ago when the Mayor challenged the students to not forget about our soldiers. Gross and her students came up with the idea to give toys to children in need. So for every happy meal each student got, a toy was donated. McDonalds Inc. also joined in donating several cases of toys as well. With more than 30 boxes full of toys, the students shipped them off to a country they didn’t know much about. Hoping to make a child their own age smile.

Lt. Colonel Furey is in North Texas this week, thanking the students for their generosity. “A lot of soldiers get thanked, but I think we need to thank people that are giving the thanks. If nothing else they continue to do it, because Americans are still deployed all over the world.”

With the Mayor on hand, Lt Colonel was awarded for his service. The students were honored for their hard work.

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