Safe Family: Keeping you safe in a public place

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By now, we're all familiar with stories of tragedy from all over this country. It's the intentional actions of gunmen like Robert Hawkins who make people think twice about being in a public place, a church, or school.

Shopper Michael Atkins says, "There's really nothing you can do about it." And police agree.

Sgt. Bruce Dawsey with the Sherman Police Department says, "The important thing is to be aware of your surroundings."

Have a plan. If you're at the mall with your family, and you decide to shop on your own, arrange a place to meet in case something happens. Sgt. Dawsey says you should have a meeting place anyway so that when you're done shopping, you can find each other quickly. One good place to meet is the car. It's outdoors, so that if a shooting is taking place, like the case in Omaha, Nebraska, you can get out of the way.

In case something like this happens where you are, just get out of the way. Sgt. Dawsey says to run away from the action. In case you aren't able to get out, "Seek shelter and lock down," he said.

There is no right or wrong answer to a scenario like this. But you can attempt to get out of harm's way. And if you run into law enforcement officials trying to control the situation, do what they say. Sgt. Dawsey says police don't know the good guy from the bad guy. Follow any and all instructions they may have for you.

Above all else, Sgt. Dawsey says, "Don't be a hero." Often times, these situations can mean the difference between life and death.

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