Convict Released Early in Bryan County

2-10-05 - A man convicted in Bryan County nearly 3 years ago for drug charges as well as secretly videotaping tanning teenage girls is now a free man.

Danny Carl Thomas was released from prison 26 years early, despite a conviction for lewd molestion involving minors. The decision by a judge last month comes down to Thomas' defense attorney in 2002. That lawyer, Benny Robison, later admitted using methamphetamine at the time of the trial.

The judge also ordered that Thomas' sentence be reduced to probation and that all files concerning his sex crimes be destroyed. District Attorney Mark Campbell says the ruling was unfortunate, but its final.

During his original trial, prosecutors said Thomas used a hidden camera to videotape his wife's female clients undressing before using their in-home tanning salon. Some of the women he recorded were minors. The judge's ruling also means Thomas will not have to register as a sex offender.