Gun Law Questioned

2-11-05 - OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A state law allowing workers to keep guns inside their locked cars while at work would be strengthened under a bill that passed a House committee this week.

The bill that cleared the House Judiciary Committee would exempt businesses from legal liability if a gun is used against employees at work.

The law prohibits businesses from establishing policies that prohibit anyone other than a convicted felon from carrying and storing firearms in a locked car or truck in company parking lots.

Williams Companies and ConocoPhillips are challenging the law in federal court, saying it infringes on their property rights. A federal judge in Tulsa is blocking the law from taking effect pending the lawsuit.

Representative Greg Piatt of Ardmore says the businesses have two concerns - safety and liability. Piatt says his bill addresses the liability issue.

The bill now goes to the full House for consideration.