Helping our soldiers through the holidays

Terry Krauts found a way to help about 50,000 soldiers each year. It's called the Prayer Bear Ministries. "The one thing we do that's quite different from anyone else is we make the prayer bears."

Each year volunteers sew the bears and then teens and children put their love into creating each bear's face. Krawitz says she keeps in touch with each of the military chaplains, they keep her up to date about the unit's that are especially in need of a pick me up. The bears help give troops faith, letting them know someone is thinking of them this holiday season.

Krawitz says, "They know that there's someone who dares and it gives them that extra strength." Each bear is unique, but all have signature features. Each bear has arms that are open, representing God's love. A tear rolling down their face represents how Jesus wept for us. The bears also have a different stitch, that signifies a prayer said during the making.

"They put them in their Humvees, they put them in their helmets, in their pocket, it just really enforces and it gives them the great strength that they need during a battle.

The holidays can be difficult, especially for our troops both here at home and overseas. Many of whom will not hear from their loved ones. But you can help. Krawitz says the soldiers enjoy letters from Americans, grateful for their work. "So when you see these boxes, I wish you would drop off a letter or card, our troops could use them."

If you'd like to help out, she's collecting letters for soldiers. Several drop off locations have been set up around the area.

Kroger Grocery Stores
Sherman Police Department
Bob Utter Ford
Blake Utter Ford
Team Bonner
American Bank (Travis Street, Sherman)
American Bank Credit Union (Across from Sam's Club in Sherman)
Sam's Club
Red River Autoplex
First Bank in McKinney

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