Sherman school board set to vote on rezoning

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- School attendance zones in the Sherman Independent School District could be changing after this year. School board members are set to vote Monday night on new zones.

Officials say if the plan is approved as planned at least 800 children will be affected.

Superintendent Al Hambrick says the re-zoning is badly needed. He says there are several reasons for the re-zoning.

One is to decide which students will be attending the two new elementary schools next year. Hambrick says another reason for the proposal is to allow more children to attend what he calls neighborhood schools.

Overall, that means children will have to spend less time on the bus to and from school.

Parents have offered mixed reactions to the proposed rezoning.

Some say they are glad that their children will attend school closer to home, while others say they would like to see their children stay put and that they are happy with the current system.

Hambrick says the quality of education is high, and curriculum will be nearly identical regardless of which school a child attends.

The meeting is set for 5 p.m. at the Sherman High School in the Little Theater.

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